Shea Butter 150 ml Cedarwood


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Shea butter is a cream for the entire body. The cream is made from the African shea nut and naturally has a strong moisturizing and healing effect.

The 100% pure cedarwood oil has been added to the shea for two reasons: the wonderful scent and the effect of the oil. *

!!! We do not recommend this oil for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

This shea butter consists of only 2 ingredients: shea and essential oil. So there are no chemicals in it.

We import our shea butter ourselves from an organic farm in Ghana (Africa). During our trip there we felt that this project best suited our conditions:

We want to be 100% sure that what we promise is true:

100% natural, handmade and the women are paid fairly (and receive the envelope themselves, and not their partner).

We receive the shea butter in pure form in the Netherlands, where we melt, sieve, can and freeze the shea ourselves. This way the shea retains its healing and moisturizing effect.

It is not just another jar to add to the jars you already have. It actually replaces a lot of jars:

The day cream, the night cream, the body lotion and lip balm. It replaces hand cream and foot cream (chaves disappear) and heals the abrasions beautifully and gently.

Have you gotten a tattoo? Shea butter is a very good care product.

The shea butter comes from Ghana, so it is not really sustainable. But a typical cream contains 15 ingredients that are flown in all over the world to make the cream. Shea butter is therefore more sustainable.

Shea butter is a wonderful product. But fat. Rub a little into your hands and rub until it returns to oil. Then apply to the skin and let it absorb. The nut scent dissipates quickly and due to the highly moisturizing effect, the butter quickly absorbs into your skin. Feel how soft and healthy your skin now feels.

Use this natural cream without chemical additives (60% of which otherwise enters your bloodstream directly). Do good of course, for your skin, for nature and the people who make the product.

* essential oil has an effect on the body. If you are new to essential oils, try a small amount on the inside of the elbow first.

Cedarwood oil helps breathe more freely and supports the respiratory tract. It keeps the joints flexible and the skin healthy.

Cedar wood is especially popular among men.

More about the essential oil in our blog.

We and many others don't want anything else.


A 150 ml can is the size of a jam jar

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