Black soap 200 grams


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The Dudu Osun (African black soap) is a brown, fat block of soap of 100 grams or 200 grams which softens in use. It is therefore pleasant to use and store the soap bar in a sisal net. For black soap in sisal, click here .

The black soap is handmade in Ghana and can be used as shower product, facial cleanser and if shampoo (for thicker hair and curls).

The soap consists of shea butter, coconut oil and ash from local plants from Ghana (banana leaf, cocoa leaf and palm leaf).

Plant ash? Of course. It cleanses and exfoliates the skin and forms the basis of the soap.

After collecting, the leaves are dried and then roasted. Water and oil are added and shea butter (which we also sell in its pure form, see here ). The process takes days and is very labor intensive because it requires constant stirring.

The black soap is 100% natural, made with only organic products, biodegradable, vegan, not tested on animals and contains nothing but good for your body.

The black soap is ideal for people who use pH-neutral products in connection with allergies or very sensitive skin . Because of the healing effect of shea butter, it is also recommended blemished skin.

Yes, it may be unnecessary to report, but there are no chemical additives in our black soap. Pure nature! Therefore, do not expect a wonderful lavender or rose scent, but an earthy scent.

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